General FAQs


Q: What is Sell On Grofers Platform?

A: Its a platform to allow Business to connect with Grofers to engage in supply of a wide range of products at Pan India level. 


Q: How do I reach out to Grofers for any concern ?

A: You can reach out to us at “” for any queries.


Q: Why do I need to complete my profile ?

A: It will help us to connect with you in case the Category team wants to reach out to you.


Q: How do I partner with Grofers ?

A: After registering on this portal & completing your profile, you are required to Submit an application stating your range of products offered & the locations served. This will help us to get the process started for getting into a partnership with you.


Q: Will I get charged for listing products on Grofers ?

A: Supplier may be charged as part of Terms of Trade depending upon final negotiation.


Q: Am I eligible to submit an application to Grofers ? / Who is eligible for partnering with Grofers ?

A: Supplier’s eligibility will depend on the type of product he/she wishes to sell. For the basics, one needs to have a valid GSTIN and PAN number. FSSAI license is a must for suppliers supplying edible skus.


Application FAQs


Q: Why do I need to submit an application ?

A: This will help us to register your interest in partnering with us. Our Category team will review your application & get back to you for taking the process further.


Q: How do I submit an application ?

A: On the dashboard, Click on Submit an Application Button. This will take you to the application form required to be filled.


Q: What products can I sell on Grofers ?

A: Grofers is a leading marketplace for a wide range of Grocery & other household goods. The complete list can be found in the Application Submit flow.


Q: I cant find my products listed. What to do ?

A: Reach out to us at “”. We will be happy to get the products added to our portfolio.


Q: What is TOT Margin ?

A: The margin calculated over MRP at which our partners sell products to us. 


Q: What is Cost Input (PTR) ?

A: The actual cost at which our partners deliver products to us.


Q: I cant find cities that I serve in ?

A: Grofers is currently operational in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Sonipat, Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula . In case your cities are not listed above, keep checking the portal as we continue to add more cities in the coming time.


Q: What are Credit Days ?

A: It refers to the grace period provided by our partners to us to pay back for the products sold to us.


Q: How soon can I expect to hear back from Grofers ?

A: Our category team will get back to you with an update within 48-72 hrs of submission of application. Though this time can vary based on the assortment of products listed by you.


Q: Do I need to list all the products that I want to sell to Grofers ?

A: Each application allows you to list products belonging to one of the main categories.
If your assortment is spread across multiple main categories, feel free to submit more applications for the same.


Q: What are the documents required to submit an application ?

A: No documents are required to submit an application. Documents will only be asked for once your application is approved by our Category Team.


Q: How does it work once my application is approved ?

A: The category team will reach out to you on the contact details provided by you in your profile for taking the process forward.


Q: How does it work if my application is rejected ?

A: In case you want to try with another set of assortment or different Margin Data, feel free to submit a new application to us.


Q: Does it require any cost to submit an application to Grofers ?

A: No cost is involved in submitting an application. 


Q: How many products do I need to add to my application ?

A: A single application needs to be submitted for every Main Category that we have. Multiple products under the same Main Category can be added to the same application though.


Q: I want to sell across multiple categories, how do I do that ?

A: You can create as many applications as you want to show your interest with us across multiple Main Categories. No limits on creating applications in the portal.